Couild ProjectInfo be moved to the top of the AppConfig.h flie so it can be used by modules?


It could… though it may not exist, depending on the user’s settings.

You could actually use it without needing it to be moved though, if you declare it as extern inside your module, e.g.

namespace ProjectInfo
    extern const char* const  ProjectInfo::projectName;


Of course. Nice one.

Why might it not exist? It’d be handy to be able to get a project name and version in some kind of generic way. (It’s for an error reporting and analytics module I use in different projects).


It may not exist if the user is just including modules in their non-projucer-generated project, which is a totally valid thing to do, and there’s no obligation for them to provide that header file at all.


Oh that’s ok … I can ignore that case!