Did something just go haywire in the Projucer?


Did something just go haywire in the Projucer? I built the latest ProJucer from develop and then I created a new project with one custom module and all the juce modules. It appears to be adding my custom module to the project 15 times and not adding any juce modules.

Seems to affect VS2017, VS2015

If I look in the JuceLibraryCode folder, there are no files for my juce modules: https://github.com/FigBug/juce_bugs/tree/master/dRowAudioTest/JuceLibraryCode

If I look in my JuceHeader, I see dRowAudio.h listed 15 times and no juce modules listed.


Thanks for the report, it seems this is a bug that occurs when combining user and JUCE modules. I’ll push a fix to develop shortly