Company name won't change, but only in Ableton

Hello again, reposting from my current account. I still cannot get the company name to change from “yourcompany” only in Ableton. I can’t imagine I am the only one experiencing this issue!

Company name is correct in the info.plist of the VST3, AU, and Standalone. Company name is correct in all other DAWs. How could Ableton betray me?

All of our plugins show up under Antares in Ableton Live 10 on the Mac. Maybe there is some cached information from a previous build in your case? You can always contact someone at Ableton and ask them how to clear that information, I guess.

I think I will reach out to Ableton. I’ve tried creating several new projects in Ableton 10 and Ableton 9 and I’ve found the same result.

Cool name for a company!