Info.plist CFBundleName

Info.plist CFBundleName should be the name of the Package. Currently it seems to be the “Project Name” in Introjucer.
I found this issue because Mac VST Hosts (Cubase, Ableton) are using this name for the GUI as Plugin Name (instead the string provided by the VST-Wrapper)

It seems perfectly sensible to me for the project name to be used as the bundle name… (?)

For example, i name my project “myFancyPluginProject” and the Plugin-Name and PluginBinary is “myFancyPluginGoldEdition”, the Plugin appears in Cubase and Ableton as “myFancyPluginProject”.
Shouldn’t be the CFBundleName the name of the Bundle? :wink:

No, I really don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. The “plugin name” and “project name” end up in different places, and hosts might choose to use either one. If you want them to be the same, just make them the same string!

A introjucer project may consist of different editions of the same app/plugins (Thats actually a great feature of introjucer!), and it would nice to choose different CFBundleNames for them, especially for VST, because some hosts choose the bundle-Name as display name.

Ok… But if I was to change it like you suggest, it might mess-up other people’s projects. I also don’t like the idea that a plugin project would set the bundle name using a different logic to an app or other project…

Why not use the introjucer’s custom Plist setting to customise the CFBundleName for each of your configs?

yes, thats ok!, anyway don’t hurry, this has low priority (the plugin/font issue is much more a problem :slight_smile: