OSX Plug-in bundle name fiddle



I’m using the Jucer to make my audio plugin projects, and I’ve found that it sets the CFBundleName in Info.plist to be the poject name.

This wasn’t what I wanted, and seems unlikely to be what other people would want. My project name is just my internal “development name” whereas I want everything the user sees about the plugin to be the proper “release product name”. On OSX Ableton Live displays vst plug-ins using the CFBundleName.

Anyway, I fixed this for myself by changing the line

in jucer_ProjectExport_XCode.h, bool writeInfoPlistFile() to

Please would it be possible to make this change in the main branch?


…hmm, wouldn’t be a very welcome change for all the people who aren’t building a plugin!

Your code doesn’t actually match mine anyway, I guess you’re still on the old branch? I’ve made so many changes since then that you might want to look at the modules stuff, I may have already done something like that.


It turns out that I was using the Jucer built from the “extras\Jucer (experimental)” folder which has now disappeared in v 1.54.

I’m now using the Jucer from “extras\Introjucer” and that’s working how I’d want.

Thanks for your help.