VST Name

Hi, VSTs are named after the Projucer project rather than the Plugin Name field which surprised me - what is the purpose of this field if not to name the plugin?


Changing the Plugin Name field does change the name of the VST… Grab the JUCE Demo Plug-in, change the Plugin Name to something unique like ‘QQQQQQ’, then open it in your favourite DAW:

Hi, what are you using there? Maybe it’s DAW/OS dependent? On OSX, Live/Bitwig use the BundleName of the package to display the plugin for selection I concluded by messing around with .plist files. Obv Windows doesn’t have this so I presume it does something different - maybe the dll name? Anyway I stopped going any further at this point as it was easier just to roll a new Projucer project than to try and figure out of way of specifying this info for different builds within a Projucer project. Even pluginhost on OSX uses the bundle name to display in the “Name” column - if you change the juce_PluginName field, it just appears in the description.

That’s a VST in REAPER on MacOS.

It’s not only DAW dependant, it’s plug-in type within a single DAW dependant; Live on MacOS uses the plug-in name for AU but doesn’t use it for VST. I think it’s safest to set the project name if you want consistency everywhere.

Pluginname definitely controls what appears when you open the UI, but for consistency you need to set the BundleName and the PluginName. As Projucer has no easy way to provide custom .plist files this is just too much hassle. The issue with things such as Live is if you create two vsts with the same BundleName, even if you change the PluginName, Live only displays a single plugin with the name.

It’s funny that I spent about 3 hours looking into this and it took 5 mins to create a new Projucer project, configure it and build in all the existing source.