Plugin's name and backward compatibility

Does anyone know any host relying on the plugin’s name?

I’d like to change it (i.e. the projucer “Plugin Name” field and the binary name) from “MyPlugin” to “MyPlugin V2”, but I’m not really sure every single host will be fine with that.

Can anyone confirm if it’s fine to do so?

In the past (it may or may not have changed since - although I guess to some extent it has to still try this as the relevant information wouldn’t be available in older projects/sessions) Wavelab used the filename on disk (IIRC completely ignoring any of the ID’s) to identify both VST2 and VST3 plugins within a saved project/session. I’m not aware of any other DAW that does this but I’m pretty sure this is true for both Mac and Windows.

Thanks Anthony
I just tried with a vst2 in wavelab pro 9.5 and that is still the case
The plugin is not created, it just silently fails (no error/warning popups at all)
edit: you can change the “Plugin Name” in the projucer though. it is ‘only’ failing if you change the binary name (which is the name displayed in wavelab…)

Yes correct it’s just the binary name. I’m not aware of any issues with changing the name otherwise, I’ve done it with several commercially released products and as long as the ID’s and the VST2/3 binary name stay the same you should be fine.

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