Is it possible to change the Plugin Name of a released plugin

Hope someone already have done this. I speak about the Projucer Option “Plugin Name”. Is this something hosts use to identify the plugin (AU, VST, VST3, AAX) or is it possible to change that for an already released plugin and stay backward compatible in all hosts and formats?

I noticed that VST 3 uses this name to display it in the hosts and i’m having an unlucky “plugin” postfix in the name.

Yes, this is used by the hosts to display. Sometimes they cache the name though, AU does this even system wide in some preference file. It took me ages to get rid of a generic leftover. But on your client’s machine, if he/she didn’t run the plugin before, the new name will immediately appear.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the answer. I also noticed the caching, but it’s good to know that it is possible to change the name and it does not end in a “plugin not found error” when open an older host session.

Yes, the host use the triplet of 4 character ids of manufacturer, type and plugin id (you’ll recognise them, if you used auval). And afaik, VST(3) and AAX use the same approach.
The binary name doesn’t matter (that doesn’t mean, there could be an esoteric host, that uses that info regardless)

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see also Plugin's name and backward compatibility

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