Common Music 3.6.0 released

Common Music 3.6.0 is available for download at sourceforge:

Common Music (CM) is a real-time music composition system implemented in JUCE/C++ and Scheme. It generates musical output via MIDI, OSC, CLM, FOMUS and CSOUND. Its user application is called GRACE (Graphical Real-time Algorithmic Composition Environment).

Major new features in this release are: a new multi-syntax code editor based on CodeEditorComponent, and a new version of SAL, an easy to lean language for algorithmic music composition. See the help menu for tutorials and examples.

Rick Taube
Assoc. Professor, Composition
Chair, Composition-Theory Division
School of Music, University of Illinois
1114 W. Nevada, Urbana, IL 61801 USA
Fax: 1 217 244 7767
Vox: 1 217 244 2684

This seems very cool - is there a page with compositions and scores that we could look at?