Announce: Common Music 3.4.0

Common Music 3.4.0 for Mac, Windows and Linux is available for download at:

Main new features in 3.4.0:

  • Open Sound Control : ability to send and receive OSC messages and to set callback functions in your Scheme code (runs on linux and osx for now – i haven’t been able to build with liblo under vs2008).
  • Implementation of one- and two- dimensional cellular automata; ability to see evolving states graphically in a state window. see Help>Examples>Cellular Automata for examples.
  • Many fixes and improvements for working with the Fomus music notation engine

Common Music is built with JUCE C++ took kit (Julian Storer), S7 Scheme and SndLib (William Schottstaedt) and contains the complete distribution of CLM / CCRMA digital instruments.

Rick Taube
Assoc. Professor, Composition
Chair, Composition-Theory Division
School of Music, University of Illinois
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