Communication between Multi-Mono Instances in ProTools

Hey there,

I am currently facing a problem with one of my plugins when used as a multi-mono insert in ProTools.
When the mono-instances are set to be linked only the parameter values from the AudioProcessorValueTreeState are being shared and synced between the instances. The problem is that the plugin has also additional data which needs be synced. This data is being saved and restored in addition to the AudioProcessorValueTreeState in getStateInformation/setStateInformation.

The additional data is basically the path to an impulse response. So when an impulse response is being loaded it should be loaded in all (linked) mono instances.

The ideas I had so far are:

  • Is it possible to somehow include the path in the AudioProcessorValueTreeState?

  • Is there another way to communicate between the mono instances so that the linked instances get a message when an impulse response is being loaded? (This message should only be received by the linked instances and not all instances across the project)

Thanks for your help!

Multi-Mono runs the plugins as separate plugins… currently in the same process… so you can share static data between instances.

You should consider creating multi-channel versions so they don’t need to run multi-mono if you need them to share data between the channels.


Thanks for your answer!

But other instances can also be loaded in the same process, can’t they? So I would have to make sure that the data is really only shared with the other mono-instances of the multi-mono instance and not anywhere else across the project.

True! A multi-channel version would probably be the safer solution.