Compile error while set JUCE_STRING_UTF_TYPE=16

There is a compile error while JUCE_STRING_UTF_TYPE set to “16”.

  • JUCE 6.1.2
  • Visual Studio 2019
error C2664: 'FARPROC GetProcAddress(HMODULE,LPCSTR)': cannot convert argument 2 from 'juce::StringRef' to 'LPCSTR'

Looks like the data type of the second parameter of getUiaFunction should not StringRef:

    template<typename FuncType>
    static FuncType getUiaFunction (HMODULE module, StringRef funcName)
        return (FuncType) GetProcAddress (module, funcName);

Thanks for reporting! I’ve pushed a fix to the develop branch along with a couple of other build fixes here:

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Thanks for the quick fix!