Unit Test Failure When "JUCE_STRING_UTF_TYPE=16 or 32"

Hi Jules,

Doing a run of your unit tests with JUCE_STRING_UTF_TYPE as 16 and 32; such involving the String class fail…

I’ve attached this [attachment=0]JUCEStringUnitTest.zip[/attachment] (modules are not copied) to localise the Unit Test involving the String class to demonstrate.

The AppConfig header is controlling the JUCE UTF type.

Gah… drat you and your UTF32 nonsense!!

Thanks! I ran the unit tests and sorted that out, it was just a small mistake and it all passes now. I’ll assume your other problem with the wildcards will also be caused by whatever’s failing here - let me know if that’s still broken!

But I’m not the one who wrote a library that has a string class, and UTF conversion tools! :slight_smile:

Looks like your change fixed it! Thanks again Jules.