Compile Errors


Long time since I’ve tried compiling Juce. Last time I tried, the only errors I got were the unimplemented forcedinline areas of code; I’ve since switched to TDM-MinGW to fix this (as I’ve read in other places on the forum), but now I still receive errors when attempting to compile Juce as a lib:

I’m using Code::Blocks with the latest TDM-MinGW, and Juce 1.46 (as 1.50 just never seems to have luck compiling).



I’ve moved my development environment over to an XP virtual machine, with the default C::B/MinGW 8.02 setup, and Juce 1.46, and building the library is fine, as long as I take out all of the "forcedinline"s as I have had to in the past, and even debug builds build fine and have a program output-ed, but when it gets to the release build, I get hundreds of errors linking to the library (libjuce.a):

There’s a sampling of some of them. What could be causing the debug build to proceed along fine, but not the release?? I’m quite confused on this one.


These three examples should all be inline functions so perhaps removing the ‘forcedinline’ has messed this up? Have you removed ‘forcedinline’ or just replaced it with simply ‘inline’. Either way it seems a bit of a hack and perhaps you should be trying to get 1.5 working?

Guess I could try getting 1.50 working. [EDIT: try… again]

A little off-topic; does it make a difference if the main juce library C::B project is open in the workspace when you compile the sample project? Seems to have worked… I don’t know, maybe something else changed, but it seemed to work just doing that.


Alright, using 1.50, changed all forcedinlines to inline functions, here is my library compile error. So close…

Thanks again for the help. I’d love to get 1.50 working!


This might help.

Looks like a problem with a particular version of codeblocks.

Hmm. I guess I just really want a simple IDE more than anything, and C::B has always fit that pretty well. Are there any other IDE’s that would be able to load the projects and aren’t as complicated as VS?


Please try net beans I haven’t used it myself. But have been told it’s not bad and it is cross platform. Hope somebody else can give better solutions.

someone mentioned QT creator:

but i wasn’t able to make it work, too many QT dependencies and the whole CMake buil system is a very weird one. however someone wrote that got this to work with JUCE, could be nice cause it works on all 3 platforms JUCE supoorts and is nice looking.