Problem building Juce on Win Xp using MinGW/Code::Blocks

Hi all

I get a error, when I try to compile the Juce library on Win XP with MinGW and Code::Blocks

Error Message:

D:\juce\src\juce_appframework\gui\graphics\colour\..\colour\juce_PixelFormats.h|120|sorry, unimplemented: inlining failed in call to 'void juce::PixelARGB::tween(const Pixel&, juce::uint32) throw () [with Pixel = juce::PixelARGB]': function body not available|

Cheers Luke

I think this has come up before if you do a search. The 1980s technology behind gcc3 doesn’t support things like inline functions. That’s one of the reasons I dropped support for code:blocks.


So I’ll probably switch to VC++…

Cheers LukeS