Compiled on other than x86? (e.g. ARM)

has anyone compiled JUCE on a non-x86 processor running linux or BSD? especially ARM, but maybe MIPS as well? (obviously not osx, or else i’d have posted in that forum). In other words… JUCEmbedded??

I’ve not heard of anyone doing this yet, but there’s no reason why not. Would love to hear of anyone’s successes or failures in this area!

I’m deep in the Embedded Linux Community (OpenZaurus, OpenEmbedded, Opie, GPE, Familiar Linux, etc.) and I looked into using JUCE as the base for a new Palmtop / Phone Environment, but currently it contains x86 ASM in several places which makes it impossible to cross-compile for other architectures.

There’s actually very little inline asm, and even less of it that can’t be turned off…

In fact, the only bit I can think of is in the atomic operations, but there’s some code in there that use the newer __sync_add_and_fetch intrinsics, so you could enable those instead for that.