Bare Metal Development with Juce, is it possible?


Just a quick question. Regarding the portability of Juce, and because it is a pure C++ Library independent from any os-specific dependencies, why there's little mentioned if any at all about its usage in embedded aplications? In a nutshel, aside from OpenGL and GUI classes, is it possible to develop a midi sequencer involving only the midi classes/modules on a bare metal system? Again, I don't need GUI, networking, or any os-specific modules. Just basic Midi classes. 


I would appreciate your opinions! 




Would love to see some bare-metal stuff running with juce! It's something we've thought about here at ROLI where we do use bare-metal CPUs in some of our products, but have been held back from trying it by the fact that we're currently stuck on C compilers..

I'd imagine there could be people out there who've already tried it, would be interested to hear feedback about it.

Hello Jules,


Thank you very much for your reply. You mean no one has given a try to do part of this great framework on an ARM-NONE-EABI-GCC Compiler yet? I would love to invest some time trying it, however, if you were to give it a try on an embedded processor, what would you do first? Do you still need to generate project files from Introjucer, or just include the specific headers and sources for the module you want to include in your project? 


Thank you again!



Would love to hear your feedback if you give it a shot!

Personally, I've never done anything at such a low-level, so haven't got any tips I can share, I don't really know how these systems work. If I was doing it myself, I'd probably start from some existing project files and just start hacking away..