Building juce without gui

Is it possible to build juce without gui code? We are using juce’s audio stuff but not the gui stuff, and will be wanting to run our app on 64-bit leopard, which has no 64-bit carbon.


there’s a JUCE_BUILD_GUI_CLASSES in the juce_Config that’s designed for cutting out the GUI stuff, but I think I’ve only ever used that on linux, I’d have to check it works properly on mac…

It looks like there many symbols required by juce that are defined in Carbon, even when defining that macro as false. Would it be hard to remove that dependency?

It’d probably be a bit of a pain to remove them all, there might be a few rogue places where it’s tricky to do something without carbon.

hmm OK. Well, I don’t know if you’ve been following it, but since apple decided to drop Carbon on 64bit Leopard, you won’t be able to use juce on that platform. We use juce for it’s great audio and midi functionality, but use qt for our gui. While qt has it’s own 64bit Carbon problems, Trolltech reports that they have begun the port to Cocoa.

Unless Apple changes their mind or we can link juce without Carbon, we would have to drop commercial juce from out project.

yeah, I know all that. There’s a thread about it somewhere. What I’ll have to do is to re-write the carbon calls using objective-c/cocoa. Total pain in the neck for me to do, but should all work fine.

I thought in this case you were just talking about a command-line app, using the BSD-level APIs.

well, in a way I was. We cannot expect Qt to be ported any time soon, so our first approach is to run our engine as a 64 bit process and the gui as a 32bit process.

So, running a command line tool would get us support quite quickly, while we wait for Qt to be ported to be a full 64bit app.

Do you mean Qt = Quicktime, or Qt = Trolltech’s Qt ??

Qt == Trolltech gui

Ok… so if you’re doing your gui in Qt, how does juce fit in?