Building 64 bit juce?


I’ve tried building a 64-bit version of JUCE, to no avail. I tried it on Xcode 3, but I got lots of strange errors about losing precision and stuff…
I was wondering if it’s remotely possible to do such a thing, or does JUCE really need a proper surgery in order for this to happen?

Yes, I need to get that working, but it’s part of why I’m doing all this cocoa stuff.

Hmm… I assume this will not be a very easy job… Do you think there’s a lot of performance to be gained?

If Jules doesn’t, then juce will stop working on later OS versions. So not doing isn’t really an option. I’m impressed that it may happen ahead of the curve.

Performance will probably drop through using Cocoa more, but 64-bit will help if you have the right sort of data set, i.e. huge.


In fact cocoa looks to me like it’s much faster than carbon. The UI redrawing in particular seems much better.

Really? That´s awesome news, though I really want to try that by myself :slight_smile: When do you think you got JUCE moved to Cocoa completely?