Direct frame buffer

Has anyone gotten JUCE running on top of direct frame buffer.

Impossible, you have to prepare window system in order to use juce on embedded system. Juce library have much dependency to handle window GC, mouse, keyboard and message(event) processing. eventhough it is very small function in window system, but it is fundermental function in window system.

make simple window system which handle only upper functions.


I am done to integrate Light Weight Nano-X window system underneath Juce to use only GUI relevant function on Embedded System.

Main Features:

  1. removing Audio relevant functions.
  2. Cygwin Environment to simulate Window system and Juce environment.
  3. Using Only Unix family functions
  4. Light version of Juce.
  5. X-Windows, Cygwin-Win32 and Small Nano-X Window System for embedded System are supported.
  6. Posix compatible.
  7. C/C++ only to extend portability to embedded system.
  8. Required Driver Developing for Embedded System: Frame Buffer, Mouse, Keyboard
  9. Totally, OSX, Visual C/C++ code and Assembly code were erased.

Next step:

  1. Porting on real embedded system: I am looking MIPS CPU.
  2. Developing some widgets for my system.
  3. Developing New Window System to replace Nano-X or replacing only client API to avoid GNU liscence problem when making commercial.
  4. Adapting commercial Font File reader to replace Light Weight Free Type Font Engine which were shrinked to support only TTF file reading.


No Namespace as well: No conflict with GCC library or X windows or Win32 library in Cygwin with Juce Library any more.