Two questions about Juce on Linux

Just discovered Juce and I’m damn impressed. I (mostly) love the look and feel and the API looks clean and easy to follow.

So my (probably badly described) question is can Juce be used to write a root window application (like say Gnome or KDE’s desktop) application under Linux?

Oh my other question, is it possible to use Juce under Linux without X?


Glad you like it. You can certainly use it to write a non-X app. As for writing a root window, I’ve no idea! I don’t know anything about how that stuff works, but maybe with a few minor tweaks to juce it could be done…

you should take a look at what NialM did :

yeah twindy is great stuff. kiosk mode like that in juce is perfect also for a standalone touch screen product :slight_smile:

Thanks, I downloaded it and I’ll look at the source.

The question I can’t seem to find an answer for, is what - if anything - is special about the root window? Is it special, or just a regular X window that happens to be the first one that is created?

I guess I need to understand more about window managers and how Juce would fit in. I.e. if I run any old window manager (e.g. metacity) and run a Juce app with border and typical window controls, what will happen?

Guess I’ll try it out!

Wow, I installed Twindy - what a great little app! I wouldn’t use it, but it’s mighty impressive!