What Operatring Systems does JUCE support?

JUCE should work on OSX and Windows right? What about on Linux or BSD running an X Window manager or KDE/GNOME?

The latest version 1.10 has native support for linux, but I understand it’s still somewhat incomplete compared to Win32 and OSX support.

What does native mean on Linux? Does it require GNOME or KDE? Is there any word on when its Linux support will improve or what specifically is lacking?

By Native I meant doesn’t require an emulator. I confess I don’t know much about linux programming, but if you look at the juce 1.10 source you should be able to determine what libs it uses.

grep “#include” C:\juce\build\linux\platform_specific_code*.*

Changelist for version 1.10

  • initial rough release of the Linux build! This is only the first release, so there are still a lot of things missing (audio support, file browsers, etc) and it’s bound to be a bit buggy, but the demo app works!
  • new class: FilenameComponent
  • new class: ReadWriteLock for allowing multiple-reader access to a critical section.
  • new class: SplashScreen
  • new class: LocalisedStrings, which lets you use a translation file in your app for multi-language support
  • improved the sample-rate conversion algorithm in ResamplingAudioSource
  • some tweaks to the win32 demo projects (rtti wasn’t enabled)
  • made the image loading code support Exif digital camera files
  • some enhancements to TextEditor and ComboBox, to allow a message to be displayed when nothing is yet entered or selected
  • fixed a bug in SubregionStream
  • changes to make the code GCC 3.4 complient

Just for fun, I’ve actually compiled JUCE under Ubuntu Live CD :slight_smile: - yes Live CD - which means - once I restart, I’ll lose the changes… But it works. (The machine was 1GB Dual P4 with Ubuntu)

The only problem I was having was with X_GrabButton (or something like it) it was complaining that it could not acquire some of the mouse buttons. Basically if mouse was sitting anywher inside JUCE’s windows it’ll give this message and bail out. So I kept the mouse out, and used the keyboard (as much as I can).

Probably this is something easy to fix, and I can say I’m truly impressed with JUCE now :slight_smile:

It becomes my Framework - works fine on all the three platforms I’m using :slight_smile:

I’m really thinking of buying that wonderfull lib.