Linux Framebuffer

Hi Jules

Just discovered Juce, played with the demo, and I’m very impressed. Currently also looking at QT embeded for a standalone, commercial boot/rescue CD environment that doesn’t require X. Does the Linux build of Juce support framebuffer graphics or is X11 required ?

Many thanks for your help


It’s all X11 at the moment - framebuffer graphics would require a new class of ComponentPeer, but would be pretty straightforward, I guess… (have to admit I don’t really know anything about how framebuffers work). I’ve no time to offer to do it in the near future though, but could offer advice if anyone fancied having a stab at it themselves.

I’m doing some work under embedded linux for a device with a screen that can only be interfaced using framebuffer graphics. I’m considering trying to get Juce running for this project under embedded linux using some small windowing system like Nano-X, but I’m nervous about how much of a time commitment the Juce port might turn out to be. Anyone have any opinions on how long this might take? Does anyone know how long the recent android port took? That’s also basically embedded linux…

I’m still working on it. But it’s not at all like android - android has to implement all its OS calls via java, but for an embedded linux port you’d just need to take the normal linux version and give it a new rendering engine (which would be far simpler than the one that’s in there at the moment).