Compiler error in SOUL playground

I’m trying to tinker with SOUL after finding the language from a YouTube video; however, while the code shown in the video compiles and runs I receive a compiler error when I run the same code.

processor Gain
input stream float audioIn;
output stream float audioOut;

void run ()
        audioOut << audioIn;
        advance ();


Compiler Error: : - Command failed: soul generate --wasm --output=temp/45120650bcdafbb9029d7e6b67c92fea-1ba88b4d-3880-41c4-ac05-166f62277660/out.wasm temp/45120650bcdafbb9029d7e6b67c92fea-1ba88b4d-3880-41c4-ac05-166f62277660/GainSlider.soulpatch terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘choc::value::Error’ Aborted

Can someone explain what’s going wrong and how to fix it?

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I tried copying this code straight into the website and it works just fine… this is what I did:

I’d be keen to know what you managed to do to make it cause that internal error, but it’s not obvious from what you said here. If you can share a link to the website when it’s showing the error, we’ll certainly take a look at that.

I think I’ve narrowed down the problem to Firefox, I can write and run code normally in Chrome but both manually entering code and copy-pasting it in Firefox gives that error.

Oh, interesting… thanks, we’ll check out Firefox and see if we can debug that!

Well the patch Jules posted above runs for me fine in Firefox, and I can modify the code and re-compile and that also runs fine. It would be helpful if you pasted a particular link to the thing that doesn’t compile rather than pasting the code here, as there are other problems that might be going on and the link will allow us to recreate your problem

Good idea cesare, here’s the link:

OK, thanks - this has nothing to do with the soul code itself, it’s just because the .soulpatch file has a line "description": null, in it - we already fixed that bug, I guess it just hasn’t rolled out to the webserver yet. If you want to get your code working, just delete that line, or change it to be a string instead of null and it’ll be fine.

Ah, good spot. I was holding off pushing the update to the website as we had a workshop. I’ve pushed this now, and your code will compile and run if you try it again (without removing the null entry)