Generated JUCE project won't compile


I’m trying to get started with making plugins in JUCE via SOUL. I’m coming from SuperCollider, so SOUL seems like a great fit for what I’m trying to do.

When I generate a JUCE project from the SOUL command line, the auto-generated .cpp file has a red line through it in the file explorer and the project won’t compile. This is the case both in Ubuntu and Windows, and my JUCE is up to date in both. I don’t have any basic issues with compiling projects, I’m all set up. I checked that splash screen was enabled both times and it still didn’t work.

I’m only using the free personal version of JUCE at the moment, do I need to upgrade to Indie?



In case it helps, the SOUL patch I generated from was just the delay+feedback example. I’ve attached a screenshot showing the error in Linux (in Windows it’s the same without the warning on the bottom left)

No error shown here, not in the screenshot, no compiler error shown, it’s impossible to help you.

Perhaps ‘error’ is not the correct terminology - there is a red line through Delay.cpp on the left, a message in the bottom left corner, and the generated project does not compile.

In the bottom left corner, there is nothing related to the issue in Delay.cpp, it’s a license problem.
Then please provide the error message in Delay.cpp. We cannot come up with a reason out of thin air.

Here’s the compiler error in VS

Now, you can heck why MidiBuffer doesn’t have this accessor when the documentation says it should have it.
Maybe they change that recently?


juce::MidiBuffer provides cbegin and cend since

which is part of JUCE 6. Please make sure that you are using JUCE 6.0.0 or later.

Ah, forgot I was using a legacy version for a specific project. Works now, thanks :slight_smile: