On Friday August 12th I bought my iMac and Apple handheld devices and after jumping through all their hoops, got approved for iOS and Mac development. Since then I’ve been working on my DspFilters open source library and demo to give it a proper XCode 4 project:

“A Collection of Useful C++ Classes for Digital Signal Processing” by Vincent Falco

The single .cpp juce amalgamation as most people know, chokes the compiler. So I have developed a script, and with help from Jules accepting one of my changes, to produce a proper amalgamation split up into 4 files. This script, along with the amalgamation, is included in dspfilterscpp now.

In addition, the XCode 4 project in the repo properly compiles and runs the DspFilters Demo with Juce, on all platforms, include Mac 32/64 bit (fat binary), iPad or iPhone simulator, and iPad, iPhone, or iPod devices (if you have the appropriate provisioning profile).

I have tested it on every piece of hardware and it all works.

Anyone who wants to can pick up this project and use it as a robust launch pad for writing their own app based on Juce, with or without DspFilters or the accompanying demo (but feel free to re-use the demo code since its MIT-licensed). You do not need to download Juce to use this, it comes with the amalgamation (the Juce portion is covered by the Juce license).

Comments welcomed!