Componenet propertyChanged method

A component has a set of properties, but there is no propertyChanged method for the Components internal properties set, nor you can’t add a Listener for a PropertySet of a Component, this might be useful.

I think the Component class is already complicated enough without even more listeners! The properties aren’t really designed to be used like that - it’s more that you’d check a particular property if you really need to know about it, rather than being interested in all of them.

well i use them to keep the component state and then serialize and unserialize it in my app. all i wanted is a nice way to find out when a new property set is received so i can update the component.

i did my own simple implementation, but if you say it’s too complicated, i believe you. for me most of the stuff you wrote i waaay complicated.

I don’t really mean “complicated”… but adding >8 bytes of bloat to such an important class isn’t something I’d do unless I thought it’d be useful to a very large number of people.

allright i understand, i’ll live with my own little implementation no problem.