How to get Get notification of property change

Hello falks,

I am workgin with propertypanel and property components, I am facing some issue and doubts i want to ask. Please help.

class TextProperty : public TextPropertyComponent
                        , public ChangeListener
    TextProperty(  const String& name,
                        const int maxNumChars_,
                        const bool isMultiLine_,
                         EditorComponent & _editorComp) ;
    void changeListenerCallback (ChangeBroadcaster*);
    void setText(const String& newText);
    EditorComponent & editorComp;
// In class definitions 
void TextProperty::setText(const String& newText)

// If I want to get notification that text is changed of TextPropertyComponent 
// The value what i want to set comes empty initially in textEditor of that property


void TextProperty::setText(const String& newText) 

 // here it shows text i want to set on initialy in textEditor of that property
 // but each time i change text i do not get notification


What shall i do to get notification of property change if I inherits from defalut property provided in Juce.

Shall I inherit LabelListenr or TextEditorListener ? to get change notificaiton ?


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TextProperty * prop = new
TextProperty(protpertyName, valueLength, false, *this);

This is how I create TextProperties in EditorComponent. Any idea how can i achieve text changed callback in
TextProperty component ?


THanks Friend.

My mistake,

I needed to implement following getText method.

String TextProperty::getText() const
    return propValue;

Now it works fine. But i wish it would be esier API, that some how provide propertyChanged method for any propertyComponent we use.