Component::setHasFocusOutline(false) ignored

Hi JUCE team,

It has been a while since I used the default JUCE components for the last time and it is probably the case for most of us here, but when you do so, it is a bit frustrating to get rid of the borders that appear for example when you select a toggle.

Component::setHasFocusOutline seems to be the right way of doing it but from what I can see in the included LookAndFeel_V2 the flags.hasFocusOutlineFlag is not used in ToggleButton or TextEditor, so it ends up being useless.

So I think the flag should either be included in the default LookAndFeel’s or the method setHasFocusOutline simply removed since there is anyway an alternative way of making the border disappear: component->setColour(TextEditor::focusedOutlineColourId,Colours::transparentBlack);

Best wishes for the new year