Component Transforms & OpenGLComponent

Right now, it looks like the OpenGLComponent sort of ignores the Parent’s current transform… I guess that’s normal since it has to be a rectangle, pretty much, but is there a way to get the transformed size from the parent, so my code can handle this case?

Also - anyone got a snippet to automagically transform/scale a content component as the parent is resized?


I know this is a really old thread but I’ve just stumbled across it in a big way.
I’ve had some luck working around the GL drawing problems but finding the transform and adding it to the GL rendering algorithm but the lack of a transform presents itself in many other hideous ways.

We have another JUCE component on top of the GL component and without the transformation getting applied in a consistent way, it’s very difficult to size sub-Components correctly, make sure they draw their content correctly and handle mouse interactions correctly.

To compound this, GL can be turned off so the whole thing has to work without any GL rendering, in which case the transform stuff magically works again.

Am I missing an obvious fix here or is there a simple way to allow transforms to propagate correctly when using GL?