Question Regarding Component Transforms

Hey All,

I have a quick question, I took a second to look through the JUCE source but it’s quite complex so it’s possible someone may have the answer immediately offhand.

Say I have a component which has an image rendered in the paint routine. Say the image is a higher resolution, and then scaled down.

Now say, a transform is applied to the component, instead of a direct change to the bounds which triggers a resized() call.

Does the affine tranform applied to this component, actually use the original image to repaint it at a different scale? or is the transform taking an image of the component within JUCE, and then applying some sort of scaling on this image to apply the transform.

Basically, does using a high resolution image inside of a component, which is then transformed, actually beneficial for the image quality of that final post transformed component view onscreen?

I have a feeling that the magic happening here, is going to apply the scaling to the component as it’s rendered in it’s native resolution in it’s paint routine, but I’d like to confirm before I stop a graphic designer from rendering everything at an extremely high resolution.

My gut feeling is that things should be rendered simply at the dimensions they’ll be coded, whether or not they’ll be blown up via a component transform later.