Component Version and Component's Bundle Version

Hi all,

does anybody know where I change Component Version and Component’s Bundle Version values that I see when I validate the plugin using auval or Audio Units Manager from Logic?

Manufacturer String: XXXXX
AudioUnit Name: XXXXX
Component Version: 1.0.0 (0x10000)
Component's Bundle Version: 0.0.0


Maybe it’s a stupid question, but… I really cannot find how can I change that values…

That’s interesting, I had the same problem (and it’s a bit of a mess), here’s what I found so far:

The “Component Version” in auval is a reading of your version in JucePluginCharacteristics (both the string and the encoded, auval checks if they match and throws an error if not).

The “Component’s Bundle Version” is read from your embedded Info.plist file.

In the Info.plist file, there shall be these 3 keys:
[]CFBundleGetInfoString: This is what is displayed in the “Version:” label when opening the Get Info panel (in the Finder) for the bundle. It accepts any string. It can be completely different from the rest, auval does not care about it (only for the Finder).[/]
[]CFBundleShortVersionString: According to Apple’s doc, this is the version in the format xx.xx.xx[/]
[]CFBundleVersion: According to Apple’s doc, this is the build number, in any format you want. However, to get auval to display “Component’s Bundle Version” correctly, it must be set exactly to the same thing as your version number (only xx.xx.xx). See below for a working example, that contradicts Apple’s doc :/[/][/list]

Some links about the (messy) difference between version and build number:

I found the following to be working:

Let’s say your version number is 1.0.0, and build number is 1234. Set your Info.plist to the following:

[]CFBundleGetInfoString: 1.0.0 (1234)[/]
[]CFBundleShortVersionString: 1.0.0 (1234) (I haven’t tried other formattings, but everything after the last digit of the version seems ignored).[/]
[]CFBundleVersion: 1.0.0 (do not put anything else here!)[/][/list]

This should let auval display 1.0.0 in both fields, have the Finder display the same thing, and you still have the ability to go check your build number by looking manually in the Info.plist file.

Thank you very much Franky47!