ComponentBoundsConstrainer confussion

Hey guys, the ComponentBoundsConstrainer class documentation is really confusing to me. I would like to see if anyone could give an example on how to use it within a draggable component(as above) to constrain it to a rectangle inside Its parent component. For example lets say a Rectangle (10,10,100,100) .
Calling setMinimumOnScreenAmounts() inside mouseDown() works perfectly, so I thought constraining it to a specific Rectangle would be somehow similar, but I can’t get it work. Cheers!

class BreakpointComponent    : public Component

        void paint (Graphics&) override;
        void resized() override;
    	ComponentDragger breakpointDragger;
    	ComponentBoundsConstrainer constrainer;
    	void mouseDown(const MouseEvent& e) {
    		breakpointDragger.startDraggingComponent(this, e);

    	void mouseDrag(const MouseEvent& e) {
    		breakpointDragger.dragComponent(this, e, &constrainer);