Components that Interconnect

I’m trying to create a sample visualization juce application that interconnects components, such as shown below. The requirement is that a component is dragged onto the screen and has a connector line, and when the component is moved within the diagram by the mouse, the lines move and follow, keeping the components interconnected. It would look something like this:


I can use the Jucer as a sample application that would allow the components to be moved around, but I don’t know where to begin with a class that can make a component have a connector that can allow the components to be peers and interconnect to each other. Has anyone done this with Juce? Is there a class for a component that allows them to be connected through lines as peers? What class can implement the lines to interconnect the components? I used the Jucer to add new Generic Components, and I know that this can be done in a very similar way using the Jucer.


Did you take a look at the audio plugins host demo?
If i understand you correctly it does exactly what you need.

I had never seen this application. It was perfectly what I needed. Thanks masshacker.

Take a look at the screen shot below. The lines connect the objects together, and when the objects move, the lines follow.

[attachment=0]7-14-2010 11-09-01 AM.png[/attachment]