What is the principle of connection design

44 Like in the audioPluginHost, what is the principle of connection design ? I wanna do something like that with FM operators. What objects an class I need to implement ? I guess I need, connections, drag and drop functions, an array, path class ??? It’s not really clear in my head, if someone can explain to me how to do it?

PS: I learn to program with Juce by making a midi editor for the SY77 yamaha
https://github.com/nseaSeb/Sysex77 (my GitHub project)

in case, I don’t want someone to do it for me, I just want to understand how to do it. Like a blue print.

Did you have a look at the code of the AudioPluginHost? More precisely at the GraphEditorPanel? (https://github.com/WeAreROLI/JUCE/blob/master/extras/AudioPluginHost/Source/UI/GraphEditorPanel.h)

That class has three members that match what you described:

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First I thanks you for your answer.
I agree, I looked at the source code of this example but I was lost, that’s why I was asking for a clarification on the strategy to identify which piece of code to use.
If I understand your message correctly, it seems that I should use the arrays and the ConnectorComponent that you notify :slight_smile: I’m gonna try. Best regards

Note: It’s really hard to understand right now… I tried removing code from the pluginHost but I got lost! I’m going to make it, but when? :thinking: