Create a plugin host from start with Juce

Hello !
I’m trying to create a vst host but I have some difficulties to understand how all works together. I have already seen the juce plugin host example, and it help me, but it’s not easy to extract only the part that I need from the Gui and it’s been a week I work on it.
Therefore some help would be appreciate ! :sweat_smile:

The point that works are :

  • With a KnownPluginList, AudioPluginFormatManager and .addDefaultsFormat() : I can load a ScopedPointer PluginDescription
  • With it I can load ScopedPointer AudioPluginInstance
  • I don’t if it’s the good way to do it, but with an AudioGrahManager I achieved to connect AudioPluginInstance-s with audio output.
  • I give the audioGraphProcessor to an AudioProcessorPlayer (setProcessor())

And finally, I can use the processBlock of plugin like that :

I’m pretty sur that is not the good way to send midi to a plugin but I hasn’t understood how to use callback yet.

The final purpose is to embed a PluginHost class that can load plugins, play them, and associate them with our app Instruments

I would like some help to have a better comprehension of all the stuff.

Thanks for your time and your help !