Most Inspiring: The Projuicer: Live Coding with C++ and the LLVM JIT Engine by Julian Storer

Is there a video of the presentation anywhere online?

Well done :smiley:

I would also love to see the presentation!


Congrats Jules!

Looks like Jules didn’t have slides for his presentation (
But the website does say “In the coming weeks we plan to post videos of the presentations.” so I guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

Thanks! (…yes, I know I still need to send them my slides - I only finished writing them the night before!) There’s actually very little of interest in the slides, but all the conference talks were filmed and will be posted up there at some point.

It has appeared on YouTube.

Exciting stuff!

Oh god… I hate watching myself. Although luckily, the recording is so dark and muffled that that’s not even an option here!

And all entirely on the left channel for some reason.

Awesome, cool to see a more complete demo of the Projucer, despite the less-than-perfect audio. Jules, you should have brought some JUCE users along with you, the audio expertise on this forum would have dealt with that!

You spoke very well though Jules, and it’s clear the audience was pretty blown away.

Thanks - yes, the talk went down well!

If you find the audio hard to hear, try clicking on YouTube’s auto-generated transcript of it… Must be one of the funniest things I’ve read for a long time!

Ha ha, that’s hilarious! I didn’t actually know that Youtube had that feature. It’s rather impressive Google can do that at all. I’m watching a very impressive software demonstration inside a very impressive software demonstration. We live in wonderful times.