JUCE Summit Videos

Hi all. 


Just wondering if there's any update on when the JUCE Summit vids will be made available ? I was lucky enough to go along but obviously there are things that I can't recall off the top of my head. 


The talk by Timur and Fabian in particular and Timur's supplmentary word of wisdom to his CPP Con talk. 


Be great to be able to peruse all this stuff again. 





Yeah, our videographer's starting to get them edited - just need to roll them out on the website.. Hopefully soon!

Most of them are now available on the JUCE Youtube channel :


However, I think there is only the first part of the Jules' presentation "Developing Graphical User Interfaces with JUCE". Since I missed it at the JUCE Summit, I hope the second part will be available soon

Anyway, nice work guys, it was a great idea to record and share on Youtube the videos for all the talks !

Thanks for these great talks and video uploads!

I'm also hoping for the second part of 'Developing Graphical User Interfaces with JUCE' to appear soon...