Summit Video re Rendering?


Hi, one of the videos on youtube from the summit is titled:
Developing Graphical User Interfaces with JUCE, with Julian Storer.
In the last minute of that video, Jules says that after a break, he wants to
cover more GUI details, including rendering. Essentially the 2nd half of his presentation.
From the schedule of events that day, it seems Jules had an hour blocked out for this.
But I have not found a video of this.
Am I missing something? Will this video be released when editting is complete?
Did Jules discuss D2D?


Summary of 'Developing Graphical User Interfaces, part 2'

Eagerly awaiting this specific video as well.


Any news about the last part of the video ? It’s been a long time already…


Same request again


It’s here:


Great, thanks a lot !