ContentSharer::shareFiles is not working for iMessage

When I try to share files using the ContentSharer class on my iOS app, it works just fine for airDrop, email, whatsApp and basically everything else except for iMessage. As you can see in the attached image, the blue “send” arrow is not even visible so I can’t actually send anyone the file. I’ve tried changing the file format, I’ve also tried ContentSharer::shareImage instead of shareFile … same problem. Anyone else experience this?


I am also experiencing this issue.

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Not sure what’s going on here, but I’ve noticed this as well.

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This is still happening as of JUCE 6.0.4, even on the JUCE DialogsDemo.

I’ve attached screenshots of the DialogsDemo shareText example compared to the corresponding feature in the built-in Notes app, which exhibits expected behaviour:

Any help or insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated!

It looks like changing setAlwaysOnTop (true); to setAlwaysOnTop (false); in ContentSharer::ContentSharerNativeImpl::share() (line 126 of juce_ios_ContentSharer.cpp) fixes the issue!