iOS FileChooser issues

Hi Jules,

If I try using the FileChooser class on iOS, things seem pretty broken when trying right now with the iOS simulator (3.2 iPad, fwiw…).

  1. Firstly, for file save behaviour, I had to add defined(JUCE_MAC) to the following line in juce_amalgamated.cpp (around line 264025 in my copy…) … otherwise, the code crashes:

    bool isHiddenFile (const String& path)
    #if defined(JUCE_MAC) &&

  2. File save: the dialog presented seems to show everything! IMO what it really should show (unless told otherwise!) is the Documents folder and contents as the “virtual root”, and not allow the user to browse out above and beyond this folder (i.e. preserve the sandbox, Apple would no doubt reject an app showing the current behaviour…)

  3. File open: doesn’t actually cause anything to display for some reason - haven’t drilled down specifically as to why yet! :slight_smile:

Any thoughts?!

Best wishes,


The file browser certainly wasn’t designed with the ipad in mind! Is there any kind of native browser in iOS4? Pretty sure there was no such thing in the old iphone SDKs, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen an app that has any kind of “open file” dialog, so I didn’t really worry about providing one…

BTW my code doesn’t match what you’re quoting there, so I’ve probably already fixed that bug - best to check the latest version before reporting stuff.

Hi Jules!

Sorry I wasn’t more specific - I of course meant to say the non-native FileChooser … :slight_smile:

Sure, there isn’t a native variant, but hopefully we can get the “generic” Juce FileChooser working OK. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


My bad - gonzo coding mistake on my part. :slight_smile:

Just to note that the file open dialog shows similar file path problems as noted already for file save…!

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