Contract with boutique developer

We are a boutique developer that makes unique products. This job will be remote with flexible hours, initially as a contract, possibly full time if things go well. You will be working directly with the owner who is also a music producer.


  • Freelance experience developing and releasing commercially sold products. Please provide examples and what you specifically did on each project.
  • 4+ years experience with C++ & JUCE
  • Great communication skills and work ethic
  • Some music production expertise
  • Basic DSP experience
  • Demonstrated ability to build stable, maintainable plugins
  • Demonstrated ability to finish projects in a timely manner without oversight
  • US-compatible time zone


  • Ability to test on Windows & macOS
  • A love for good UX

About the job
This is a private job opening, please DM me regarding the above requirements and bonuses, namely examples of your work, and expectations regarding rates.

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