Freelance JUCE Developer Wanted

I’m looking to hire a freelance C++ developer for a product that will launch later this year. I would prefer to hire some one full time (40/hrs week) for 3 months but I’m also open to a part time arrangement.

The product is a VST/AU plugin that features creative sequencing and music theory functionality. Apart from a simple integrated “demo” sound engine there is no audio processing.

I have already put several hundred hours into this project, but I’m too busy with other stuff and have decided to look for help. I will continue to provide specifications, do code reviews, perform testing/QA and will participate in development to some extent.

Please note: This is not one of those “I’m 90% done and I just need a real developer to do the last 10% percent” type of deals. I am a real developer and the project is currently in good shape - I just don’t have the time to do it myself.

What I’m looking for:

  • Skilled C++ developer
  • Experience with the JUCE framework and plugin development
  • Experience with unit testing (the project uses Catch2)
  • Willing and able to produce clean, well organised code using JUCE coding standards
  • Basic understanding of music theory (scales, chords, etc.) and MIDI

Knowledge of realtime audio/DSP programming is not required.

A few words about me:

  • Based in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Trained audio engineer and amateur electronic music producer
  • 25+ years in software development
  • Developer, tech lead, scrum master and CTO experience
  • Can program in any language, but not that much experience with C++
  • Strong preference for agile/test driven development

If you are interested, please get in touch!

I would appreciate links to your Github and/or LinkedIn profiles - or at least some information about relevant projects you have worked on in the past.



I can assist you with your requirement.
Please revert back.

Thanks & regards