Controlling Slider borders

I've been trying to change the appearance of the Slider border but I can't find any reference to it anywhere.

I'm using a custom LookAndFeel to control many other aspects of the slider but it doesn't seem like that border is drawn anywhere within those methods. I've checked the interfaces of the parent classes right back to Component but still can't find the method responsible for stroking that border.

What I actually want to do is just change the border colour and stroke it with rounded rect instead of a square one - or remove it altogether and draw it myself in the LookAndFeel methods.

I thought this must have been asked before but even searching this forum I couldn't find an answer.

Any ideas?

You mean the outline that gets drawn when it's got keyboard focus?

There is no way to change border color?

check out the JuceDemo, and more specifically the “Look And Feel” one