Resizable window border color

Is there any way to control the border color of a resizable window. I want the border to be transparent if possible and if that doesn’t work, it would be nice to control the border size and set it 1px.
Thanks a lot!

override this:

virtual void ResizableWindow::LookAndFeelMethods::drawResizableWindowBorder (Graphics &, int w, int h, const BorderSize< int > &border, ResizableWindow &)=0 

take a look at ResizableWindow::paint() to see where it comes from, and look up how to use LookAndFeel objects as well.

That’s what I have tried. The method in my L&F looks like this:

void MeshLookAndFeel::drawResizableWindowBorder(Graphics& g, int /w/, int /h/,
const BorderSize& border, ResizableWindow&)

but the border is still there and I’m not able to change the size.


Show your code of how your custom lookAndFeel is assigned to your class

In my main class I have:

CustomLookAndFeel = new CustomLookAndFeel();

Every other L&F Method is working fine so far.

add a breakpoint inside ResizableWindow::paint() and make sure your lookAndFeel is being used for the call to drawResizableWindowBorder.