Colour Id for resizable border component

I have a faint black contour whenever I use the resizable border component, I can’t find a corresponding ColourId for that contour, any idea ?

It is in the method “drawResizableFrame()”

Unfortunately it doesn’t use a colourId, so you need to create a new lookAndFeel to customize.

I guess it is too old to follow the ResizableBorderComponent::LookAndFeelMethods and ResizableBorderComponent::ColourIds naming.


Thank you for your reply, is it still a good practice to use it, or there is something new/better to resize components?

It is perfectly fine. It was probably just written before the LookAndFeel paradigm was added, so it lacks the ability to be customised.

It is not a big deal to rewrite it to have a ColourId, but if a user would do that, they couldn’t guarantee not to clash with juces own (future) ColourIds. That’s why only the juce team can fix that properly.

But you can easily work around, I doubt that you need multiple colours in one app…

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