Controlling VST effect parameters by MIDI notes

Hi all!

I have developed a VST effect in Delphi earlier, and would like to rewrite it in Juce.

The key feature of the effect is that it is controlled by MIDI notes, therefore it needs to receive another track's MIDI signals. (They must come from another track because I want to control my effect and the track's instrument separately.)

I've created a special VST Instrument, which the user can drop onto the "input" track, to send its MIDI signals to the VST.

The problem:
I can't find the technique to send/catch these MIDI signals.
(In the Delphi version I tried to send them by OS messages, but it was not a nice solution and led to serious timing problems.)

I would like to avoid the VST to require any 3rd party software installation or host-specific MIDI routing configuration.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Why do you need another track? Can't you just use another channel in the same track? I guess that would be a bit easier, the interface wouldn't differ from an ordinary midi plugin.

Oxxyyd, if you can setup this in your host, you can use the VST just like any other plugin (you can also select a MIDI channel as the input).
The other track with the special VSTi is needed when the host or the user is not able to configure this (like in my case).