Juce/VST configuration for an VST Instrument controlling an external MIDI device?

Hi Folks,

I’m new to Juce, about 2 hours old. I successfully built an Audio Plugin project and loaded into the (successfully built) Audio Plugin host example. So far so good.
I’m trying to understand the structure of inputs and outputs I need to produce for a VST Instrument Plugin that uses an external MIDI instrument, so it appears as a VST Instrument track in Cubase.

A good example of this is the Yamaha Motif XS VST Instrument plugin. In Cubase it appears as MIDI input and Audio output device and as an Instrument Track. Of course, the plugin has to perform MIDI out in order to trigger the Motif to play sound - but the VST instrument track itself doesn’t show this. In the main window of the Motif plugin you can configure the MIDI out and audio ports by which the external instrument plays back.

I’ve searched the forum which is always tough to do when your not sure what you are looking for but I can’t find a discussion of this scenario. I also checked the VST3 SDK but alas no joy.