CoreGraphicsContext::getPhysicalPixelScaleFactor returns incorrect value (standalone app)

On Mac g.getInternalContext().getPhysicalPixelScaleFactor() seems to return 4.0 in a standalone application (I saw there was another thread from 2017 that had to do with VST, but this is not even running inside a plugin).

Inside CoreGraphicsContext targetScale is 2.0, which is then further multiplied by the CoreGraphics context scale factor, resulting in 4.0.

When USE_COREGRAPHICS_RENDERING is set to 0, the returned value is correct and is 2.0.


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Waw , I have been wondering for so long why JUCE was incredibly slow on retina displays, it seems you just found why.

Returning targetScale instead of targetScale * (float) (juce_hypot (t.a, t.c) + juce_hypot (t.b, t.d)) / 2.0f in CoreGraphicsContext::getPhysicalPixelScaleFactor makes a huge difference !

I believe, a better fix would be not to return targetScale, but to change to pass 1.0f for the targetScale when the context is created (right now it passes displayScale). Then again, probably it’s best to let JUCE guys fix it.

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