Crash copying VST/exiting Ableton info: Vst3: couldn't hand processor state of NovelDelay to controller: not implemented

not sure why it crashes when i copy the plugin or when i close Ableton.
Doesn’t seem to get the error in other DAW like the PluginHost that comes with JUCE…

not sure what the best way to find this is

my Ableton Log says:
2021-03-08T21:18:52.405500: info: Vst3: couldn’t initialize controller with processor state of PluginTest: not implemented

2021-03-08T21:18:52.405574: info: Vst3: parameter count is 2095

2021-03-08T21:18:52.422014: info: Vst3: couldn’t hand processor state of PluginTest to controller: not implemented

Have you tested with any of the example plugins provided with JUCE? If the demo plugins work for you, this is likely to be an issue in your specific plugin. Otherwise, if the demo plugins are also broken, there may be a bug in JUCE.

For us to investigate this issue, it would be useful if you could provide:

  • The operating system version, Live version, and JUCE version you’re using.
  • Ideally, a minimal code example and a set of steps to reproduce the issue.
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i tested with the example plugins but doesnt crash. seems to be only when i duplicate/exit on Ableton. OSX

if i make two instances of the same plugin by dragging them in ,its ok in Ableton but if i copy and paste/duplicate then it still crashes …
JUCE 6.0.7

Apple Gatekeeper notarised distributables - #66 by ttg This helped me be able to debug in Ableton, but didn’t yield much.

Crash happens on Main Thread / only assembly

I checked one of the JUCE demos in Live 11. I’m able to successfully duplicate the plugin, and the Live Log.txt shows similar entries to the lines you posted above. I think this log output is likely unrelated to the crash you’re seeing.

If the issue is only present in your plugin, you’re probably best-off using standard debugging techniques to track down the issue.

Some ideas:

  • It’s possible that your plugin exhitibits undefined behaviour which is benign most of the time but causes crashes in Live. Try building the AudioPluginHost and your plugin both with Address Sanitizer enabled, and then loading the plugin in the APH. This will alert you to any intermittent memory-related issues that might be present in your plugin.
  • Save a copy of your project in its current state (ideally using version control) and then try removing parts of the plugin until it no longer crashes in Ableton. This will help you narrow down which part of your code is causing the crash.
  • On a similar note, if you’re using git and know that a previous version of your plugin was working correctly, you could use git bisect to find the commit that introduced the issue.